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Bottega Veneta embraces Lunar New Year tradition with a universal message

Bottega Veneta insists on the importance of enjoying time with the people and in the places that have a special place in our hearts.

Inspired by the excitement of preparing for a trip home to be reunited with family and friends, Bottega Veneta’s message for the new year manifests itself in a short video film, an unusual action and a customisable WeChat e-card. The concept embraces local tradition through a universal message: time is the ultimate luxury. Time to reflect on the way home. Time to enjoy with the people you love. 

The short film, titled ‘Reunion in Motion’ and directed by Jess Jing Zou, portrays a series of characters returning home and explores the process of introspection and togetherness as the characters travel through different landscapes in China. This is the second collaboration produced between Zou and the brand, following on from the recent campaign for the ‘Love in Motion’ title launched last July for the Qi xi festival.

For creative director Matthieu Blazy, movement is an essential part of the brand’s vision. “Bottega Veneta is essentially pragmatic because it focuses on leather goods. As a handbag specialist, it’s about movement, about going somewhere; there is fundamentally an idea of craftsmanship in movement,” says Blazy.

To mark the launch of this new campaign, a train, evoking the brand‘s iconic green colour, will start a long journey and travel through China for a month with no logo and only one message on both sides: Travelling the roads that lead home. Happy New Year. From big cities to small mountain villages, Bottega Veneta aims to reach more people with this unconventional action.

A customisable WeChat e-card with a creative inspired by the concept of ‘Reunion in Motion’ is also being introduced for all households and inhabitants of China. The filter invites users to use their fingers to write a message in the condensation of a moving train window. This digital artwork brings those who may not be able to travel this year to visit family and friends a little closer.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Bottega Veneta embraces this local tradition to share a universal message based on the importance of time and the importance of enjoying it with the people and in the places that hold a special place in our hearts. For Bottega Veneta, this is the ultimate luxury.

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