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Celine menswear 2021 is an ode to Z Generation

CELINE has just launched what could be their most informal collection. The garments seem to be aimed at a rather reduced audience: Z Generation.

Celine has just launched what could be her most casual collection. Packed with logos, the garments seem to be aimed at a fairly small audience: Gen Z. In fact, the presentation of the men’s line has been broadcast live on the TikTok platform.

During the presentation, the most heard phrases were: “What is this?” and “I’m a bit confused“. Without a doubt, the attendees of the SS21 menswear presentation were not prepared for this type of show. Perhaps the most precocious felt identified. In fact, Hedi Slimane himself called Noen Eubanks (@notnoen), a teenage TikToker, to star in a fashion campaign.

Regardless of the staging, the collection was presented as an ode to Z Generation. The informal pieces were the stars of the show. The bright colors stand out, something that’s not often seen in previous collections. In addition, the repeated presence of the logo in the designs is also a sign focused on young people. 

In the press releases, Slimane said he wanted to celebrate the e-boys. He used everything from sloppy nail polish to two-tone hair and skater culture. He titled the collection “The Dancing Kid” to refer to the phenomenon of boring young people concerned only with likes on social networks.

More about CELINE here.

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