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Chanel on the verge of ruining Christmas 2021

Chanel has received very bad reviews for the content of its limited edition Advent Calendar valued by the house at $825.

December is synonymous with Christmas, good intentions and joy, but Chanel has written its own rules for this last holiday of the year. The French house has decided to ruin one of the most innocent traditions of these dates, the Advent Calendar. Some of the label’s customers are a bit upset with its limited edition 2021.

This almanac originated in the 19th century in Germany. Since its beginnings it has evolved and we have all been able to enjoy at some point the most typical one, the chocolate one. Others, this year so special, have wanted to get their hands on the limited edition Advent Calendar of the French house. 27 surprises have been distributed in a box in the shape of a Chanel No. 5 bottle.

These lucky recipients received $825 worth of empty cloth bags and stickers from the brand, among other less extraordinary products. Chanel’s flagship Christmas product has received a lot of criticism from shoppers describing it as expensive and disappointing. Some influencers claim that the maison misappropriated to block their TikTok accounts due to negative publicity about its Advent Calendar, but Chanel has not commented on this issue.


On the other hand, the Parisian label has included a lipstick, a nail polish, a bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume, hand cream and Christmas accessories among other very interesting ones. In addition to a very original keychain and a white ceramic replica of the house’s star perfume.

Another of the most spectacular calendars is the one created by Dior and Alice Shirley. The artist wanted to immerse us in a theatrical Christmas story. “For the Dior Advent Calendar, the artist Alice Shirley has imagined an enchanting floral universe from midnight blue leaves and golden winter blossoms, which come to life like the stage of a theater when the curtain rises. Among luminous petals and countless extraordinary flowers fly bees and butterflies of marvelous colors”.

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