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Chloë Sevigny stars in Zalando’s new Christmas campaign

Actress, director and fashion icon Chloë Sevigny joins Zalando for a new Christmas campaign in which she explores her multifaceted identity.

Chloë Sevigny stars in Zalando’s new Christmas campaign

Zalando launches “Unwrap Your Story”, a holiday campaign that delves into the intimate relationship between style and identity. Starring multi-faceted fashion muse Chloë Sevigny, the campaign explores intimate scenarios, from family dinners to evenings out with friends, with each scenario telling a different chapter of Chloë’s life.

Actress, director, fashion designer and former model Chloë says of the collection: “Each garment represents a different story and a glimpse into our different lives. “Unwrap Your Story is an invitation to celebrate our multifaceted identities, and a journey I am proud to be a part of.”

Realised with the creative touch of Justyna Obasi and the visual acumen of Dani Pujalte, the campaign goes beyond aesthetics. It is a diary of moments in which the roles of Chloë – cornerstone of the family, actress and director, quietly reflective and omnipresent at social gatherings – echo the multi-dimensional identity we all carry within.

“It’s been a fantastic journey working with Chloë. “Unwrap Your Story explores the different faces a person can have as seen through the eyes of their loved ones, Chloë was perfect for the role”, says Sara Spännar, VP Global Marketing. “She embodies Zalando’s values of empowerment, style and self-expression. On top of that she is a true style icon herself.”

Zalando’s “Unwrap Your Story” is more than a collection; it is a revelation of the close ties between fashion, identity and the moments that define us. The campaign aligns with Zalando’s commitment to fostering a space where style is a personal narrative and each piece is a chapter in one’s story.

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We travelled to Berlin to discover ‘Stories on Zalando’ first hand.

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