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Coperni wants to become Gen Z´s best ally

Coperni’s latest collection will become Generation Z’s best ally when it comes to dressing. Find out all the details about Coperni show.

Minutes after Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer presented their autumn/winter 22 collection for the brand they both founded and creatively direct, Coperni, the Instagram account @stylenotcom dubbed the French brand as “COOLPERNI” and we couldn’t agree more, because if it was already positioned in the market as one of the most promising, after seeing its latest proposal, it has clearly proclaimed itself as one of the “coolest” in the industry, if not the coolest.

But it wasn’t just Coperni’s upcoming autumn/winter collection that was cool, it was also the place where the designer duo decided to present their new line. Where was it? At Studio 130, located on the outskirts of Paris, whose setting quickly took us back to the high school days we’ve all been through. Do you remember it? Because we do. This set was surrounded by 696 lockers and through this staging and the collection, Vaillant and Meyer wanted to reflect and transmit the sensations or moments of insecurity that many teenagers go through when they become adults. Some of those who represented this concept were: Gigi and Bella Hadid, Lila Moss, Adut Aketch and Mica Argañaraz among others. You know them, don’t you? All of them with attitude, as we are used to, paraded down the nuclear white catwalk in the shape of a square with the creations of the house.

The collection, as we have just said, was clearly divided into two parts and developed as a transition, starting with the garments related to the time of adolescence, characterised by a mixture of elements composed of purity, some playfulness and darkness, and ending in the stage of evolution to which we referred. The result of both is, to say the least, spectacular, and we are sure that many of the members of Generation Z will have fallen in love with it as soon as they see it; a generation that Vaillant expressed his desire to dress.

Among all the garments, we must highlight the hooded jackets that opened the show, the hooded coats and bodysuits, the reimagined tailoring (made by the women of the Cap Est Sarl workshop), a subject that Arnaud and Sébastien passed with flying colours, the polar fleeces (our favourite is the blue one), the uniforms with a touch of rebellion, the latex dresses with superimposed flowers and the XL coats.

And as expected, all the looks in the collection were accompanied by Coperni’s star bag, the “Swipe” model and as a novelty they presented a model made of blown glass designed in collaboration with Heaven. And while we’re on the subject of the exciting world of collabs, another of the things that caught the eye were the recycled Adidas “Gazelle” sneakers worn by several of the models. Once on the catwalk, rumours of a possible collaboration between the two brands began to swirl.

The designer duo rounded off the event by dedicating the show to the women of the workshop we mentioned at the beginning, as they are located in Ukraine.

Do you agree with us that Coperni is one of the brands of the moment? If you haven’t seen the show yet, go to the beginning of the article to watch it.

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