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Daniëlle Cathari reinvents the 90’s tracksuit for Adidas | AW18

The German giant has teamed up with Dutch designer Daniëlle Cathari to carry out the deconstruction of her iconic 90’s pieces.

Just 23 years old and graduated from the Fashion Institute in Amsterdam, Daniëlle Cathari (@daniellecathari), has just consolidated her project in fashion week in New York. After seeing their deconstructions of Adidas Originals through VFILES (@vfiles) last year (AW17), the collaboration is now official…. The German giant has partnered with the Dutch designer to carry out the deconstruction of her iconic 90’s pieces.

Daniëlle Cathari | AW17

We all saw what Daniëlle did last year and we were all obsessed with it,” says Raffaella Barbey, director of design for adidas Originals, adding,“we were very curious and wanted to see what she would do if we called her”.

The result? A collection halfway between haute couture and sportswear typical of the 90’s that Cathari sublimely blends. Inspired by TLC and Kendall Jenner, the designer blends her passion for no-gender with garments that breathe femininity unwittingly. Taking the 90’s as a starting point, Cathari impregnated each piece of the deconstruction characteristic of his signature looking for extreme contrasts.

Daniëlle Cathari | AW18

The key for her was to represent her own aesthetics, without losing the adidas spirit in touch. Daniëlle says that “my aim here was to do something new, but not to get rid of what adidas already does perfectly”.

This is the first drop of two, the second will arrive in April. There is no doubt that the Adidas Originals / Daniëlle Cathari binomial has a future. Concept, pattern and aesthetics are grouped under a project, undoubtedly destined to success.

adidas Originals by Daniëlle Cathari AW18 - Photos: J’Dee Allin

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