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Diesel Pre-Fall 2023: Glenn Martens stands by its codes

Diesel Pre-Fall 2023: Glenn Martens reaffirms the codes that have put Diesel back on the fashion map.Take a look!

Glenn Martens continues to win over the masses with his new Diesel Pre-Fall 2023 collection. Denim is still king, but it is interspersed with camouflage, metallics and lots of leather.

If you likedSS23 collectionshown in September in Milan, there’s no way you won’t like this one. Glenn Martens combines low-slung midi skirts with belts in the purest neo-punk style. The Diesel woman wears denim dresses with front zippers and long skirts, tracksuits and futuristic metallic outfits. Along with the usual denim and metallic, the collection is completed in vibrant shades of orange, pink and red.

Jeans, of course, appear in a myriad of variations: with biker details, worn-out, cropped at the ankles and in flared or baggy styles.

The D, which has become the Diesel logo par excellence, becomes as omnipresent as possible in the collection. It appears embroidered on the back of pants and skirts, as a buckle on its iconic skirt-belt, on the hardware of a Charm bag whose chains could be used as a necklace, and on the chest of several metallic pieces.

The pre-collections are an opportunity for Glenn Martens to communicate with his followers more closely. If the runway shows are for fashionistas, his pre-season collections further extend the brand’s reach, achieving a direct and clear communication channel with his fans, while the designer reaffirms the key codes of Diesel(@diesel).

Check out the entire Diesel Pre-Fall 2023 collection in our gallery.

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