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Dior enlists the talents of Tremaine Emory for its Pre-Fall 2023 collection

Kim Jones enlists the talent and unique vision of Tremaine Emory for her Dior Men Pre-Fall 2023 collection.

Once again, streetwear and luxury meet to create new collector’s items. This is the case of the union between Dior and Tremaine Emory, entitled ‘Dior Tears’, which will be presented in Cairo.

Having worked with ERL‘s Eli Russell Linnetz earlier this year and Shawn Stüssy in 2019, Kim Jones will be drawing on Emory‘s talent and vision for his Dior Men’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection.

As they describe it, it is “a celebration of the inventiveness of the house of Dior and the strength of its creative dialogues”. Emory has not only been at the helm of Denim Tears for more than three years, but has also been the creative director of Supreme since last February.

‘Dior Tears’ will be presented today in Cairo, Egypt.

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