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Fear of God finally releases the so-awaited Collection 8

After its smashing debut at the Hollywood Bowl, Fear of God Collection 8 is finally with us.

Fear of God finally releases the so-awaited Collection 8

When Fear of God debute last Spring in the Hollywood Bowl, we all witnessed the intentions Jerry Lorenzo had for his brand. The runway show embodied everything we suspected but had yet to blossom: a different take on American luxury through timeless garments. From the utilitarian work to the more executive part of the collection, Jerry Lorenzo not only solidified Fear of God’s imagery but also gave us glimpses of how he envisions the brand going forward.

To celebrate the arrival of the collection, Fear of God has launched a campaign directed by Jerry Lorenzo himself and photographed by Maria and Louise Thornfeldt. It synthesizes all the visual sensations that inspired Jerry Lorenzo’s collection: architectural proportions, textures and worldly sophistication. The sophisticated color palette and multi-dimensional fabrics such as Fuzzy wool, cracked leather or suede fringe add counterpoint to the brand’s architectural and relaxed silhouettes. In short, a synthesis of everything Lorenzo wants American luxury to be.

Coinciding with the launch is the new short film, ‘Behind the Vision,’ which showcases Lorenzo’s creative process and his efforts to expand Collection 8 with his team. The designer’s personal experience and introspection into U.S. culture that inspired the collection are documented in this journey to his first runway show. And hopefully not the last, because judging by the first steps on the runway, we have Fear of God for a long time to come.

The Collection 8 is now available atn and selected retailers. To see all the photos from the campaign, you can check out the gallery above.

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