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Glenda López | The extraordinary of the ordinary

Glenda Lopez’s work have fascinated us. In all these years, the Madrid based has learned to unite dreams and art under the same element: jewelry.

We were at the MBFWM and we took advantage of this opportunity to share our time with one of the jewellers we like best in our country: Glenda López (@glendalopez).  In all these years, the Madrid based has learned to unite dreams and art under the same element: jewelry.

Glenda López
Glenda López

Her talent, together with the admiration and influence of Victoire de Castellaine (Chanel, Dior) or the jeweller Bernard Deletrez, make her works blur the border between art and jewellery. She has been able to evolve and adapt to the times and market demand. Declared lover of traditional jewellery “but uncomfortable with the environment of the sector” has consolidated a new way of making jewelry in our country, one of her maxims: the de-contextualization of the most traditional jewelry.

“My work, for me, is magical.”

Glenda López

Her project was born with the idea of sharing space with other creative elements such as “good sneakers, a good bag, clothes, a good art book or perfume… A space like Colette“. Glenda’s jewellery blends the purest of the trade with her ideas, crazy at times. Working hand-in-hand with people who have been in the sector for more than 40 years makes her pieces a unique connection between tradition and avant-garde.

Glenda López | Pop Food

One thing that have fascinated us about her project is how she has been able to connect with different targets, resulting in a brand for everyone. Like AMBUSH in Tokyo, Glenda, in our country, began as an experimental line of jewellery that nowadays is steeped in a certain pop culture and the very imaginary of the designer and attracts the attention of fashionistas, young people and adults.

@anasotillo_ | @angelahuete_

A necklace with slices of pizza – Glenda “loves pizza” – or a popcorn necklace in Pop Food, jewels that connect to each other in Linkorama or animals that seem to emerge from the pieces in Neohiero make the Glenda’s jewelry a unique proposal, loaded with concept and history.

Pizza Necklace | Comprar

Glenda López (@glendalopez) belongs to this group that we have already baptized as #orgullopatrio and we are sure that very soon reference shops in vanguard and trend like Opening Ceremony, Antonioli or our friends of GR8 Tokyo will be demanding her work to exhibit it in their showcases.

If you want to get hold of one of its treasures you can visit the brand’s online store and browse the virtual space that encapsulates the spirit of Glenda. #mustfollow 

web: | instagram: @glendalopez

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