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Gucci will sell “sneakers” for 10 euros

Gucci is collaborating with Wanna to launch digital sneakers that can be purchased through its virtual platforms.

Gucci presents its latest novelty: digital sneakers. They will be available for $11.99 —that’s 10 euros— through its app or for $8.99 on the Wanna app.

gucci sneakers

To carry out this virtual launch, Gucci has collaborated with Belarus-based fashion technology company Wanna. This is not the first time the two have joined synergies to create such an item. Previously Gucci and Wanna worked together to digitize the brand’s sneaker catalog for augmented reality testing. However, with the rise of digital products and e-commerce in recent weeks, Alessandro Michele has decided to go one step further.

The Italian brand’s creative director has designed a sneaker model that will be available for purchase on his app for $11.99 or via the Wanna platform for just $8.99. The sneakers will also be presented as Wanna’s first original product and users will be able to interact with them through virtual trials and take photos of themselves with the product thanks to augmented reality.

In addition to the launch of these virtual sneakers, another upcoming Gucci project that we can’t wait for is the House of Gucci movie. We can only wait!

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