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Hatton Labs x Playboy: pleasure in jewelry form

Hatton Labs dives back into Playboy’s erotic universe to continue the exciting collaboration that began last year.

Hatton Labs is once again immersing itself in the erotic universe of Playboy to continue the exciting collaboration that began last year. Now, they present their second capsule of luxury jewellery to serve up a large dose of pleasure for everyone.

Jack Cannon and Joe Gelb‘s London-based brand draws inspiration for this collection from the Playboy aesthetic and the luxury lifestyle associated with the highly sexual house. In particular, it puts the focus on the golden years they experienced during the 50s and 60s.

If we open the display case, we find a collection that includes rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The signet rings are covered in white and blue sapphires, jasper, onyx, and sodalite in a selection of jewelry inspired by the gifts given to Playboy members.

The weight champions’ rings are also glammed up with over 100 individual white sapphires, green tourmaline, blue topaz, and red garnet, along with a selection of chains and bracelets.


Hatton Labs x Playboy is now available on the Hatton Labs website.

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