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Have you been a naughty girl? This handcuff bag is for you

The iconic handcuffed bag that Paris Hilton made iconic is back courtesy of Heaven by Marc Jacobs. For bad girls only.

Heaven by Marc Jacobs has brought back the handcuff bag that Paris Hilton popularized two decades ago. The one to blame for its existence? Linz Helton, who turned a necessity into an icon. Thus the Linz CUFFZ bag was born.

As a teenager, Linz Shelton was constantly forgetting her purse in bars. Soon, it became commonplace among her friends to joke that she would have to start handcuffing her purse to her wrist so she wouldn’t lose it. And so she did, literally. In 2004 Linz would add a pair of industrial-grade handcuffs to a vintage purse for fear of losing her belongings at the club. And the rest is history.

The bag was so disruptive that Linz decided to create a brand around the idea. The accessory would soon catch the eye of Paris Hilton who bought 10 colors and became the perfect showcase for the bag, which went on to occupy fashion mastheads and stores around the world.

Nearly 2 decades later, on the 20th anniversary of its founding and in the midst of Y2K aesthetic fever, Heaven by Marc Jacobs sis partnering with Linz to reissue this piece of history. Unfortunately, Heaven’s CUFFZ BAG is already sold out on their website, but you can always head over to to get yours.


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