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Hermès heir to adopt his former gardener to inherit his fortune

Nicolas Puech Hermès wants to adopt his 51-year-old gardener and leave him a multimillion-dollar fortune as a thank-you for his loyalty.

Hermès heir to adopt his former gardener to inherit his fortune

He is not well known to the public and lives a discreet life, but Forbes Magazine ranks him as the seventh richest person in France. Nicolas Puech, a fifth-generation descendant of Thierry Hermès, the brand’s founder, is the largest individual shareholder of Hermès and has made headlines around the world for an unusual decision: he wants to make a former employee of his the main heir to his fortune.

The man who will receive the inheritance, 51, from a “modest” Moroccan family and married to a Spanish woman, worked for years at Puech’s house doing maintenance and gardening work. He was his right-hand man and they formed a long friendship. The Swiss daily La Tribune de Genève, which broke the news, reported that Puech “considers him as an adopted son”.

The Hermès heir, who is almost 81 years old and childless, is preparing all the provisions of his will and plans to legally adopt the former employee as his son to enable his fortune to pass into his hands without hindrance. The Hermès shareholder is on very good terms with the man and his wife. No further details of the billionaire’s former gardener have been released. Nicolas Puech lives in Switzerland, in Valais, but spends time at a mansion he owns in Andalusia, near Seville.

Puech has long been at odds with his family. When LVMH acquired a substantial stake in Hermès in 2014, Puech became embroiled in a battle with his family. He later left the company’s board of directors. With various obstacles and a poor relationship with his family, Puech’s decision to leave his fortune to the gardener may not be as absurd as one might think. It remains to be seen how this will play out. Hermès has not commented on the matter.

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