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Heron Preston and Levi’s celebrate mistakes

Heron Preston and Levi’s meet again to reinterpret the silhouettes of the Levi’s archive.

Heron Preston and Levi’s meet again to reinterpret the silhouettes of the Levi’s archive. This time it’s all about the intentional mistakes, the name of the capsule: “MISTAKES ARE OK.

“The idea for this capsule really came from the history of my birth certificate,” explained Preston. “The hospital mistakenly printed my birthday as 1873 instead of 1983. It was actually kind of fun. The only thing that came out of it was that my friends and I were joking that I was a 100-year-old vampire. I thought it was funny! Later, I learned that 1873 was also the year that Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis obtained the U.S. patent on the riveting process for work pants.”

“While touring the Levi’s factory and reviewing its archives in San Francisco I noticed that the rivets on the denim had the year 1873 on them. I told them the story of the mistake on my birth certificate and we realized that there was a happy coincidence there . Personally, I have always liked a good pair of 501s. To me, the Levis 501s are like Air Force 1. They are the perfect blank canvas for personalization and storytelling. They have become part of the culture.

Preston’s new Levi’s range is full of intentional errors or “conscious mistakes”, as Preston likes to say. Four Levi’s 501 jeans and trucker jackets are available for men and women – three highly customized versions and one alteration-free.

“During the creative or work process, I only keep the ‘mistakes’ that align with my vision. This is where the idea of positive mistakes comes from. Sometimes… they become part of what you celebrate, appreciate and share. It’s not about embracing every mistake, but about turning positive mistakes into something great and special. When they occur, mistakes like these can inspire some of the best work.”

The collection of Levi’s and Heron Preston will go on sale on September 14th on Heron Preston’s official website.

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