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Heron Preston brings his ‘Spirit Level’ aesthetic to eyewear by Gentle Monster

Heron Preston joins the eyewear bandwagon with Gentle Monster, the South Korean eyewear specialist.

After creatively joining the Calvin Klein team, Heron Preston continues his history of collaborations. This time, he’s jumping on the eyewear bandwagon with eyewear specialist Gentle Monster.

Gentle Monster is one of the world’s top eyewear brands. So it’s no surprise that Heron Preston wanted to unite their talents to create their first sunglasses collection. The South Korean brand has succeeded thanks to its working methodology, where it fuses imagination, culture and art. This has led it to collaborate with great designers such as Marine Serre and AMBUSH.

Now, he has teamed up with the giant Heron Preston for a new collection inspired by the brand’s ‘Spirit Level’ aesthetic. This has created new sunglasses that are perfect for the summer season. “We challenged ourselves to think of other ways to apply level in different product categories. The shape and construction of the sunglasses is the perfect platform for this idea. The horizontal line created by the temple on the side of the glasses relates directly to the line of a level. It was the perfect fit,” says Preston about the project.


Divided into three silhouettes, the new accessories are made with acetate and lenses with 100% UV protection. The black-framed Level 0 01 glasses feature a green bubble on one of the temples and the orange Heron Preston logo; the Level 0 C1 follows a transparent design and the Level 0 NY1 comes in a combination of navy blue tones. Finally, there is a fourth version of the special edition glasses which, unfortunately, is not available: the Level 0 01(B).

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