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HIGHCHART. #26 – Curated by Foie Gras

We are back with the Highchart section. This time we bet for sure and we put ourselves in the hands of the DJ, designer and creative of the moment Foie Gras.

HIGHCHART. #26 – Curated by Foie Gras

We are back with the Highchart. section to liven up the coming seasons with good music. This time we’re playing it safe and putting ourselves in the hands of Foie Gras.

At the intersection of music, fashion and design, Foie Gras is known for creating unique and unforgettable atmospheres that electrify dance floors. The artist’s DJ sets are a sonic journey mixing percussive and tribal sounds. From the rhythmic beats that run through his selections to the intricate synth workouts of the eighties, these identifiable sounds manifest themselves in the reworkings and mixes he presents on his label and YouTube channel, Pachanga. Beyond his musical prowess, Foie Gras also expresses himself through design. In this way, he creates a unique space where music, design and creativity converge, thus conquering the most sought-after venues of the moment.

“I was a psychedelic rock kid growing up, so I had a few CDs that I still have in my collection, among them: Spacemen 3, Psychic TV or The Brian Jonestown Massacre… but I guess the fact that shoegaze encompassed the post-punk and acid house eras also helped me get interested in dance music. Then oddly enough when I became interested in synth-pop and the music of the origins: Disco and Soul. As you get older, the way you listen to records changes, and I guess also seeing that these could be mixed together made me approach it with a different perspective,” explains the DJ.

And he continues: “It was also during these years that my interest in graphic design began, and my obsession with typography, records, posters, etc… that made me progressively turn to dance music, until I discovered that there was an almost infinite world of forgotten records that were kept in the shadows for years. That’s why I thought it would be a good time to dedicate this HighChart to the music of my origins, which in turn hides my current passion for heavy bass, percussion, drum machines and reverberated synthesizers”.

Our previous section was in charge of the actress and singer DORA.

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