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HIGHTALKS. VOL.6 >>> Nathy Peluso

Although for most people 2020 has been a year to forget, for Nathy Peluso it has been the year that has marked a before and after.

Although for most mortals 2020 has been a year to forget, for the curvy and eloquent Nathy Peluso (@nathypeluso) it has undoubtedly been the year that has marked a before and after in her career as an artist. Nominated to two Grammy awards, her recent album “Calambre” has come as a breath of fresh air in the COVID-19 times we live in.

After Esmeralda and Sandunguera, two EPs that have subscribed to the artist’s versatility, the “Calambre” era comes even stronger. A variety of genres that connect with her motherland, explosive lyrics that have brought out the savage side of each on of us… Without a doubt, the Argentinean has become the absolute everyday mood with those messages full of energy and sensuality.

In this new HIGHTALKS. edition, Nathy Peluso answers our questions without filters. Because that’s the way she is, absolutely free and without filters. The native of Argentina leaves us her vision of success, fashion, her connection to art… and a few more secrets. What are you waiting to watch the interview?

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