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‘Hush cut’: the most popular layered cut this autumn

This Hush Cut haircut, originally from Korea, is very versatile and flattering for all types of faces.

‘Hush cut’: the most popular layered cut this autumn

The most searched haircut in the world right now? The ‘hush cut’, which, according to Google, is trending in both the UK and the US.

The hush cut or ‘hush cut’ has ingredients in common with the layered haircuts that have been the most popular in recent months, such as the ‘butterfly cut’; the frame cut, or the curve cut (the ‘Rachel’ in the 2023 version)… The hush cut represents an evolution of all of them, focusing especially on the fringe part.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, it is already the most googled and requested for its ability to give movement to the hair, without the need for frequent touch-ups. That’s why TikTok has also positioned it as one of the most popular cuts for autumn/winter 2023/2024 in hairdressing salons.

The great thing about this style is that it can work on most hair types, and can be adapted to the shape of the face and aesthetics, as well as adding a lot of personality. On finer hair, less layers are done, while on thicker hair, some parts are exaggerated.

On straight hair, it may be worth shortening the layers slightly to make them visible, while on wavy or curly hair, the tendency is to leave the hair slightly longer, so that it can shrink into place. It’s an ideal cut to accentuate your features – especially the cheekbones.

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