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IKEA launches its own version of Balenciaga’s skirt-towels

Scandinavian retailer IKEA has recently attracted attention with its cheeky response to luxury fashion house Balenciaga.

IKEA launches its own version of Balenciaga’s skirt-towels

It’s not the first time these two brands have had beef, in 2017 Balenciaga copied IKEA’s iconic Frakta bag worth 50 cents and launched its own leather version for €1700. Now, after Balenciaga’s launch of the Balenciaga Skirt-Skirt as part of its Spring 2024 collection raised eyebrows with its exorbitant €695 price tag, IKEA has hit back with its own version of the “Skirt-Skirt”. The shop has taken the opportunity to highlight its own VINARN bath towel available for €13,99.

IKEA’s affordable “Skirt-Toee” that emulates the Balenciaga piece in both wearability and design comes in six different colours: blue, light beige, light pink, light yellow and white. In addition, IKEA adopts the avant-garde spirit of the house by recreating the complete look of the campaign, with a black hoodie, black sunglasses, relaxed beige trousers and black shoes. And of course, it makes a nod to what happened in 2017 by including its tote bag in the images.

The IKEA skort called VINARN is available here.

IKEA knows that its FRAKTA bag is a product of desire among hypebeasts. That’s why it has decided to take advantage of the hype and has launched a matching Bucket.

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