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Irina Shayk shows her unhappiness over Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid’s relationship

The supermodel and ex of the actor, with whom she shares a daughter, does not seem to be very happy with the news of this incipient relationship.

Irina Shayk shows her unhappiness over Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid’s relationship

“Irina is not very happy with Bradley for dating another supermodel, plus one who is younger,” a source assures Page Six. “It caught her by surprise.” Bradley Cooper is 48 and Gigi Hadid is 28, a difference of 20 years.

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid were first spotted on October 5 on Via Carota, and since then they have been spending time together on several occasions. The two made a getaway to Rhode Island, where they stayed a few days at Taylor Swift’s mansion, and have been spotted again strolling in the rain in New York. As if that wasn’t enough, the actor was recently spotted wearing an item of clothing from Gigi’s brand, Guest in Residence.

Irina Shayk, who was Bradley’s partner from 2015 to 2019 and with whom he has a daughter in common, has been caught by surprise by all this. The two have had a good relationship since their breakup, they even went on vacation together this summer. The actor is 11 years apart with the mother of his daughter, and with Gigi he is 20 years apart, quite a bit more.

This adds to the fact that Shayk has broken up with Tom Brady, with whom she had been dating for a few months. It is said that it could have been because of the distance, since she lives in New York with her daughter and the soccer player has his home in Miami.

So… Who is Bella Hadid’s new love?

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