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Jacquemus 15th anniversary fashion show in Capri

Simone Porte Jacquemus chose the iconic Maison Malaparte to showcase a collection marked by the modernist style and cinematic beauty of Jean Luc Godard.

Jacquemus 15th anniversary fashion show in Capri

The collection, entitled “The House”, paid homage to the famous Malaparte House, known for its appearance in Jean-Luc Godard’s Nouvelle Vague classic “Le Mépris” starring Brigitte Bardot. The architectural jewel and its history, along with Godard’s cinematic beauty and references to Bardot, have been the three main pillars of Jacquemus’ new release.

Yesterday, Simone Porte Jacquemus celebrated the 15th anniversary of her brand with an intimate and exclusive fashion show at the iconic Casa Malaparte, located on the idyllic island of Capri, Italy. Only 40 people, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Dua Lipa or Arón Piper, enjoyed the new creations, which perfectly represent the union between art, fashion and nature, of which the French designer is a standard bearer.

In this unique location amidst the cliffs of the island, framed by the vast blue of the Mediterranean, the sensual and mysterious bolero “Histoire d’un amour” by Dalida, kicked off a runway show that featured 47 outfits that opened with a look that referenced the yellow gown Brigitte Bardot wears in the iconic scene of “Le Mépris”. Paul’s (Michel Piccoli) beige suit with a sky blue shirt was also evoked, establishing a perfect common thread between the brand’s Mediterranean aesthetic and the essence of the film.

Each model walked up the ninety-nine terracotta steps to the orange esplanade, where different shades of blue, from subtle sky to deep ultramarine, merged with the sea in the background. The brand’s usual reds and buttery yellows also made an appearance in a fusion with the visual codes of the film. The red cloth that envelops Bardot in bed, appears as a color accent in accessories such as belts, bags and shoes, and in male and female looks. Even Jennie, from the band Blackpink, who incidentally also closed the show, paid homage to this film scene hours before the show.

Jacquemus reinterpreted the iconic Bardot neckline in a variety of ways: asymmetrical, oversized or with peplum-like ruffles. In addition, the zebra print, a nostalgic nod to the sensuality of the actress, was presented in various dimensions and overlays, always accompanied by a fun pink, as is the case of “LES DOUBLES SANDALES” .

And as the king of accessories that he is, the designer introduces in his universe two bags that we predict are going to become the it bags of the summer: Le Spiaggia (beach in Italian), a square or round bag, depending on the model, in braided raffia, made in Madagascar; and the Bambola, an asymmetrical bucket bag, dotted with a large sculpted magnetic ring.

Jacquemus’ 15th anniversary celebration at Casa Malaparte was a tribute to the history of cinema and architecture, two fundamental pillars of the young designer’s universe in the development of his empire. “La Casa” collection perfectly encapsulated the vision of Simon Porte Jacquemus, combining modernity with nostalgic references, and reaffirming his position as the most prolific young brand in the luxury industry.

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