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Jacquemus sculptures go for a walk

Simon Porte Jacquemus presents his new collection, ‘Les Sculptures’, at the Maegh Foundation, an iconic artistic venue located in the south of France.

Jacquemus sculptures go for a walk

The designer’s new collection, entitled ‘Les Sculptures’, is a new tribute to the Swiss sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti.

If in the previous proposal Jacquemus moved to Versailles, for this Spring-Summer 2024 el the designer has chosen to return to its origins, the south of France; to be more precise to the Fondation Maeght. The designer presented his collection in this space, founded in 1964 by Marguerite and Aimé Maeght. An emblematic place that was not, logically, chosen by chance because it preserves some primordial works of world artistic heritage such as those of Miro, Bracque or Alberto Giacometti himself, to whom Jacquemus pays tribute in this new collection.

Entitled ‘Les Sculptures’, the proposal has delighted with a new perspective of the silhouette that highlights the shoulders and is reduced in the torso, playing with the concave and convex. Gigi Hadid is in charge of kicking off this game of shapes to the rhythm of the 80’s hit ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye. In it, an office fashion perfect for today’s generation is materialized in sleeves on shirts and jackets trace imaginary circular lines, shirts with raised collars, tops that evoke the ‘old money’ aesthetic and Les Doubles Sandals, which bring a touch of distinction to the tonal sobriety of the collection.

From neutrals like black and gray to bold shades of vanilla yellow and red, the collection presents itself as a canvas for creativity. Leopard and snake prints add a touch of boldness to skirts, bags and coats. Elements such as feathers and transparencies also add sparkle to dresses and sweatshirts, breaking the chromatic monotony.

In addition to the double sandals, there are several starring pieces. All of them have already been highlighted on the brand’s instagram, occupying a central place in the young designer’s new proposal. The pair of Zizi shoes, in collaboration with Repetto, a model with a square toe and geometric heels, the Le Bracelet Nodi bracelet, the Ovalo sunglasses, the Le Vanito and Le Petit Calino bags, and the Le Haut Rica sweater, which, by the way, are already available for purchase on the official jacquemus website.

As a finishing touch, Simon gives us his classic tradition: a wedding dress; yes, sculptural, as the new collection commands. With a meticulously sculpted body and a veil covering the face, the Jacquemus bride embodies the artistic elegance and unique vision that characterize this collection.

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