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Jacquemus to present its fashion show at the Palace of Versailles

The French brand known for its characteristic Mediterranean style and its absorbing international fashion shows is preparing this time to show at the spectacular Palace of Versailles.

Jacquemus to present its fashion show at the Palace of Versailles

We were captivated by their fashion shows in the lavender fields of Valensole, on the beaches of O’ahu and in the salt marshes of Aigues-Mortes, among others, and this time Simon Porte Jacquemus’ brand is preparing its next show at the Palace of Versailles.

“Doing a fashion show in Versailles has always been a childhood dream,” shared Simon Porte Jacquemus. “I was so inspired by this historic place during the design process that it led me to explore many new creative possibilities, different from my previous fashion shows, but still very much Jacquemus. I feel very honored and proud to be able to parade there, as an independent fashion house. It will be a very special moment for Jacquemus.”

This upcoming show is part of a new international expansion plan for the brand. “The goal is to create, in the collective unconscious, increasingly strong luxury brand signifiers around Jacquemus,” said Bastien Daguzan, CEO of Jacquemus. “It may not be luxury in the traditional sense of the term, perhaps it’s a new way of approaching luxury. We also wanted to signal a more cultural, artistic and long-term approach that places the brand in a different ecosystem.”

The Jacquemus fashion show at the Palace of Versailles is scheduled for June 26.

In other news, LVMH teams up with Epic Games to develop immersive experiences with 3D technology.

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