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Jägermeister presents “Created by Night”: a creative immersion in a 56-hour night 

The iconic leading nighttime brand has unveiled its innovative “Created by Night” initiative under the “Be The Meister” platform.

Jägermeister presents “Created by Night”: a creative immersion in a 56-hour night 

“Created by Night” is a tribute to the night as a stage where the most creative ideas flourish, talent flows naturally and the most innovative projects materialize.

In this exciting project, Jägermeister introduces us to a night that never ends. The brand invites those passionate about the early hours of the morning, with creative projects waiting to be developed, to join the experience through a sweepstakes that will be active on the Instagram account of @Jägermeister_es until November 17. Six winners will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this inspiring night in a creative space where the sun never rises.

Those selected will enjoy 56 hours of continuous night in a night-time creation space in Tromsø, Norway, during the period of the polar nights, when the sun never rises, surrounded by a stunning natural environment crowned by northern lights. During this time, participants will be able to experiment, exchange ideas and stimulate their creativity from a new perspective, similar to the 56 natural ingredients that make up the original Jägermeister recipe.

Of the six creators selected for this experience, three represent different creative disciplines: music, with Lia Kali; upcycling or recycling and textile improvement, with Carolina Castellote; and the popular art of carpet weaving or tufting, represented by Emedeamores. In addition, the project will be hosted by Werlyb, who will join as host of the experience on November 29 until the early hours of December 2. The experience can be followed through the brand’s social networks and the participants’ profiles.

If you are interested in participating in the sweepstakes and get more information about “Created by Night”, you can visit the Instagram account of @Jagermeister_es before November 17, 2023 to not miss the opportunity.

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