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July 2023: The 6 emerging brands you need to know about this month

We are back with our selection of the 6 emerging brands of this month, with a summer special! Stay to discover them.

July 2023: The 6 emerging brands you need to know about this month

Lately our DM is always full of Instagram profile links for us to discover new brands and give them coverage. “Mention in the comments that brand or that designer and we’ll take care of the rest,” we post on our profile. In less than 24 hours we received almost 1500 comments from the young promises that are making it big in the national fashion industry. With the aim that all these interesting projects are not lost in our DMs, each month we will choose 6 emerging brands and give them their space in HIGHXTAR.

For this emerging brands we have decided to make a summer special and we have selected the coolest beachwear brands that you should sign up before the good weather is over. You can start August with a great beach look!


It all starts with a portrait of Dolores, the Andalusian grandmother of Carla Muret, the founder of the brand, wearing a black bikini with golden chains, all a desire for elegance and sophistication. The designer was so impressed by that piece that she decided to make beachwear with which women could feel sophisticated, sexy and confident with their femininity.

Although she is Parisian, her origins are Spanish. Dolla Paris tells the story of Mediterranean women and heritage.


At Cabrio Swim, they create unique swimsuits that reflect the style of the 90s and the underground style. What’s cool about their swimsuits is that they are not only worn as swimsuits but you can turn them into swim shorts in a moment, to wear them as beach shorts.

Their swimsuits are definitely the perfect combination of style, comfort and quality. A good point to note is that they do not wear mesh and that makes wearing the swim shorts even more comfortable and versatile.


Paraiso is an independent menswear brand whose garments are handmade in Barcelona.

Focused on joy and passion for the world of the sea, the aim of their brand is to encourage people to lead a life of pleasure, fun and enrichment.


This brand founded in Barcelona has three main pillars: Design, inclusivity and sustainability.

The brand offers swimwear with recycled fabrics, providing fashion with which one can feel in total comfort and self-confidence, something very important when we dress.


Atria was born from the dream of achieving a change in the fashion world.

Taking as a reference the shortcomings of the industry, the brand creates its own patterns to work a wide range of sizes, based on the average size of the country. All its models are sold separately because they understand that a woman can have different sizes above and below. This is reflected at the same time in their campaigns, which include models with different bodies.


Inalbis started in 2019 by Dani Vicente and Gabriela Souto, two lovers of summer and the beach lifestyle. The brand combines Mediterranean style, where Dani grew up, with bold silhouettes inspired by Brazilian bikinis, which surrounded Gabi’s childhood.

Their goal is to create ethical pieces that last for several seasons. They do not overproduce, so they generate as little waste as possible. To be a greener company, we use REPREVE fabric in many of our designs, which is a recycled material obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

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