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June 2023: The 6 emerging brands you should know about this month

We’re back with our selection of this month’s 6 emerging brands! Don’t worry if you don’t show up because… we’ll keep on searching.

June 2023: The 6 emerging brands you should know about this month

Lately our DM is always full of links to Instagram profiles for us to discover new brands and give them coverage. “Mention in the comments that brand or that designer and we’ll take care of the rest,” we posted on our profile earlier this 2023. In less than 24 hours we received almost 1500 comments from the young promises that are making it big in the national fashion industry. With the aim that all these interesting projects are not lost in our DMs, each month we will choose 6 emerging brands and give them their space in HIGHXTAR. Here are the ones from June!


The firm Tukaos was born in Aragon, by the hand of Marcos Ronsano, with the purpose of capturing the purest luxury in their pieces. If old money is the trend, Tukaos is the brand that perfectly defines this aesthetic. Its focus is to create exceptional garments and accessories that can provide uniqueness to its customers. The brand works with craftsmen from different guilds of the Spanish territory, creating quality pieces for a contemporary consumer.


L’AMAR was born in 2020 with the intention of breaking into the market of made-to-measure and ready-to-wear fashion. With a contemporary and artistic discourse, the brand is mainly inspired by the conceptual art of René Magritte’s surrealist universe. “Nothing is what it seems at first glance” is the daily life of L’AMAR.


COMPTE SPAIN is an emerging prêt-à-couture brand that materializes the world of fantasy and fairy tales in its garments. Behind the brand is Santi Mozas. The brand works by offering exclusive creations that avoid overproductionión. COMPTE SPAIN is a clear commitment to sustainability, slow fashion and 100% local manufacturing.


OTRURA is an independent Contemporary Fashion House, based in Madrid. The brand directed by Sergio de Lázaro and Verónica Abián claim the importance of craftsmanship in the textile world, building with the utmost excellence pieces that last over time and fulfill the desires of those who wear them.


From childhood to adolescence, Paolo always painted graffiti on walls, trains, pieces of wood, school desks and clothes. Paolo created his own frames, sculpted and nourished his creativity with everything related to art: theater, cinema, nature…. From this restlessness for different artistic disciplines, suddenly fashion burst into his life and he started with a brand that could have been created by John Galliano.

Guillermo Décimo

Raised in a family of musicians and painters, Guillermo Décimo shows passion for fashion and art in the universe of his brand. A constant search for beauty and perfection, combined with tradition, craftsmanship, historical-artistic references, classical music, illustration, theatricality… surround all his work.

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