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MAY 2023: the 6 emerging brands you should know this monthMAY 2023

We’re back with our selection of this month’s 6 emerging brands! Don’t worry if you don’t show up because? We’ll keep on searching.

MAY 2023: the 6 emerging brands you should know this monthMAY 2023

‘Which emerging brands should we follow this 2023?’ was what we posted on our Instagram profile hoping to learn about new promises. After receiving many proposals, we discovered you 6 brands that you should follow closely this month. And don’t worry if your name doesn’t come up because we will continue with the monthly recommendations.

Lately our DM is always full of Instagram profile links for us to discover new brands and give them coverage. “Mention in the comments that brand or designer and we’ll take care of the rest,” we posted on our profile. In less than 24 hours we received almost 1500 comments from the young promises that are making it big in the national fashion industry. With the aim that all these interesting projects don’t get lost in our DMs, each month we will choose 6 brands and give them their space in HIGHXTAR.


Chloe Campbell and Flor Violeta Sobrequés are in charge of giving life to this Barcelona-based brand whose name is Latin for “golden bias”. Both are self-taught in the design and manufacture of clothing, and their pieces are handmade to order in their workshop. In their creation process they take into account local markets and workshops to stay as close to the product as possible.


The deconstructive spirit of the Valladolid designer since he was young, gives life to JUANVG, the firm that gets from upcycling 1/1 pieces. Creating transgressive and unique pieces, the brand gives a new life to existing materials that are forgotten or are defective.

All their creations are made in Spain and color and fun never fail in their universe. Check out his new collection “Callejero”.


VARELA is a brand created by Juan Varela Duarte, that makes quality fashion available to everyone. Its raison d’être is that regardless of social status, gender conformity, race or body type, one can wear Varela anywhere in the world.

Its mission is to promote a model of ethical and responsible consumption, promoting total transparency in its production processes and traceability of garments.


Lis Domínguez is the young designer behind the Alineo Studio project. The brand strength is being super feminine and it elaborates totally asymmetrical designs. Her silhouettes combine pieces with large volumes that modify the body and sometimes accompanied with pleats and gathers.


Felipe Luca de Tena, alma mater of the emerging fashion brand Lucadetena, squeezes the most of his creativity to forge a multicolored universe with its own textile DNA. In Lucadetena’s universe, textile experimentation is key. He uses the Japanese technique Shiborise or tie-dye to create the most psychedelic prints. Shakira or Danna Paola are just some of the celebrities who have worn his garments.


Halfway between Spain and the UK, Alvaro Mars sees fashion as an art form. He doesn’t take it so seriously. It is a non-binary brand that through irony and controversy plays with the gender roles established in society. Activism thus becomes a key element of the brand, whose designer is clear that fashion is not just clothes, it is a way to convey a message.


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