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Kylie Jenner reveals she never fully severed her relationship with Jordyn Woods

Kylie shared that despite the 2019 controversy, she was still meeting Jordyn Woods at home to catch up.

Kylie Jenner reveals she never fully severed her relationship with Jordyn Woods

The celebrity opened up about her friendship with Jordyn and the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson in a recent interview with Jennifer Lawrence for Interview.

The friendship between the two, which dated back to 2012, suffered a major blow in 2019 when Jordyn was accused of kissing Tristan Thompson, at the time Khloé Kardashian’s partner. Woods, appearing on Red Table Talk, admitted to the kiss but denied an affair, taking responsibility for the situation.

This summer, Kylie and Jordyn were spotted out in public after four years, dining at a Los Angeles restaurant. They were also together during New York Fashion Week.

“My last question is a little intense, but we all want to know,” Lawrence said. “Obviously, there was a big trauma many years ago, but recently we’ve seen that you’re friends with Jordyn again – what’s that like?”

Kylie explained that they have “kept in touch over the years,” and even if they weren’t seen together in public, they were still “hanging out at home catching up and talking about everything.” Jenner continued, “We never quite cut each other off, and one day, naturally, we were like, we want to go eat sushi and we don’t want to hide anymore. There’s a learning lesson in everything, and I think, in a weird way, everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen. We were so attached at the hip that we needed space to become the people we were meant to be. I needed that independence and that confidence because she was like my security blanket for so long.”

Tristan Thompson also spoke out about the issue on The Kardashians, taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing. “It’s 100 percent my fault, but I want to say I’m sorry and I feel bad about it,” he told Kylie. “The fact that I came in with my bad decisions and being a fucking idiot and just being young and stupid, I wanted to say I’m sorry again for that. Life is so short. And it sucks because even though we made our mistakes, sometimes it’s hard to come back from situations like that.”

In other pop news, A$AP Rocky will face trial for shooting A$AP Relli.

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