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Diesel FW23 campaign is a game in the heart of Italy

Diesel will bring its “Find the D” FW23 campaign to life starting September 8, with an interactive game that will allow fans to win prizes.

Diesel FW23 campaign is a game in the heart of Italy

In the picturesque village of Breganze, Italy, home to Diesel’s world headquarters since its founding in 1978, creativity and extravagance have been unleashed. Fall 2023 has arrived with an ad campaign that challenges the boundaries of conventional fashion, transporting us to a world of fun, irreverence and a touch of madness. Diesel has left convention behind to present a unique proposition that blends fashion with children’s puzzle games, creating a surreal and comical landscape that celebrates individuality and innovation.

A Game of Fashion and Mystery in Breganze, the perfect setting.

Diesel’s Fall 2023 campaign is an irreverent, but exclusively for adults, game that takes inspiration from classic children’s puzzle books. Instead of one main character, we follow a multitude of characters inhabiting Diesel’s world, as imagined by Creative Director Glenn Martens, Art Director Chris Simmonds and Photographer Johnny Dufort.

The scenes are set in Breganze, Italy, where the Diesel story began more than four decades ago. This iconic location serves as the perfect backdrop for a series of hero shots that defy reality and logic. Each shot features a group of models surrounded by hundreds of Diesel staff members, including founder Renzo Rosso, creating a surreal and comical scenario that defies the imagination.

The Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

The six hero models sport garments from Glenn Martens’ Fall Winter 2023 collection, both Pre and Runway. The denim range includes pieces from the Biker Darts, Cargo Denim and Coated Outerwear lines. A new palette of earth tones, encompassing browns, camels and burgundy are brought to life in utility wear and velvet pieces. The Devoré Denim technique was applied to sheer tulle for a worn-in effect. Meanwhile, an artisan destroyed denim coat is reminiscent of faux fur melted by a blowtorch.

Bright jackets, tube tops and mini skirts feature pop photographic prints of toothy maniacal smiles, adding a touch of fun to the collection. In addition, sporty sweatshirts, T-shirts and motorcycle and utility wear are reinvented with racing prints, spider webs, destroyed fabrics and cracked leather. Accessories, such as watches and sunglasses, are skillfully integrated into the scenes, immersing the viewer in the Diesel world.

The “Find the D” game

From September 8, 2023, Diesel presents the interactive game “Find the D”. In an age of constant global digital surveillance, Diesel invites customers, fans and guests to join the search. Players can register at and participate in an exciting challenge that will run for two months. Each week, players are tasked with finding a specific hidden object within a zoomable image from the campaign. Those who are successful in finding the object will be entered into a sweepstakes to win exciting prizes ranging from a 1DR bag to fragrances, hats, sneakers, Diesel sex toys and more.

Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign takes us into a world of fashion and fun, where creativity knows no bounds. Breganze, Italy, serves as the perfect setting for this surreal adventure that defies fashion conventions. “Find the D” invites everyone to join the fun and explore the scenes of this unique campaign in search of hidden treasures. Diesel continues to surprise the fashion world with its bold approach and innovative spirit, proving once again why it is a leading brand in the industry. Get ready to embark on this exciting quest starting September 8, 2023!

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