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Lady Gaga confirms special show at Fortnite Festival

Iconic pop artist and now actress Lady Gaga has surprised her fans by revealing her participation in the Fortnite Festival.

Lady Gaga confirms special show at Fortnite Festival

Mother Monster is back. The artist has confirmed her participation in Fortnite Festival via her social media channels. At the highly anticipated event on 22 February, Fortnite players can look forward to a unique experience where Lady Gaga’s music will take centre stage.

What makes this announcement even more special is the fact that Lady Gaga relived a fun memory from the past. In 2019, the pop superstar went viral when she admitted she didn’t know what Fortnite was and asked about the game, generating surprise among the community given its immense popularity at the time.

Now, with her appearance at the Fortnite Festival, Lady Gaga has shown that she is ready to dive into Epic Games’ game universe. Exact details have yet to be fully revealed, but fans can expect a music-filled experience in Fortnite Festival Season 2.

Lady Gaga’s arrival includes new skins, a revamped battle pass and new jam tracks. You should know that it can be played in two ways: on the game’s main stage and on its Improv Stage. In both modes, players can team up with up to 3 other players.

Lady Gaga reflected on death after the passing of Tony Bennet.

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