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Leandro Cano presents ‘Menú’ AW24, a return to his origins

The designer has returned to Madrid after five years to present his ‘MENU’ collection, which takes us on an inspirational journey to the origins of his career.

Leandro Cano presents ‘Menú’ AW24, a return to his origins

The presentation of this innovative proposal took place on November 7 in an enigmatic parking lot that served as the perfect backdrop.

In his latest work, ‘MENU’, Cano celebrates his experience and evolution over time by revisiting his latest collection, ‘Buffet’.

The proposal offers a wide variety of silhouettes, from both male and female tailoring, jumpsuits and jackets, to mermaid and midi cut dresses. The pattern making in ‘MENU’ is presented as an exercise in deconstruction and geometrization of volumes, creating an intriguing contrast between rounded shapes and straight lines. A distinctive element of the collection is the incorporation of biker-inspired shapes in many of the garments, a common thread that unifies the entire proposal.

‘MENU’ is distinguished by a color palette that ranges from black, predominant in the collection, to vibrant shades of blue, beige, red and pink. As for the prints, a contemporary reinterpretation of Toile de Jouy stands out, deployed in a variety of fabrics, including figures such as Philip II on a motorcycle cutting heads through the fields of Andalusia and Mary Tudor with her heart in her hand.

Cano has employed a wide variety of fabrics, from neoprene, tailored wool, denim, satin, jacquard and leather, to hand-woven wool. In addition, and as we have already seen in several of his collections, artisanal techniques have been incorporated, such as handmade knitted fabrics intervened with ribbons.

The event was attended by numerous personalities from the world of fashion and culture, including Paco León, Jorge Suquet, Inés Ybarra, Russian Red, Inés de León, Guiomar Puerta, Ms Nina, Carmen Farala, Ester Bellón and Rocío Aguirre, who did not want to miss this significant moment in Leandro Cano’s career.

And, in other fashion news, Desigual welcomes Hed Mayner as designer to create the brand’s first 100% genderless collection.

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