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Listen to the new single ‘5.05pm’ by Leïti Sène feat Trueno

Barcelona’s rising rap star Leïti Sène collaborates with Argentinian rapper Trueno on his new single ‘5.05pm’.

Barcelona rap rising star Leïti Sène collaborates with Argentine rapper Trueno on his new single ‘5.05pm’, released today via Dale Play.. Two of the most promising talents in the urban scene finally come together to release the hit of the summer that will be played in the best clubs. If you want to listen to the track exclusively, read on…


Inspired by numerology and the yin and yang of everyday life, ‘5.05pm’ puts these two young rappers side by side as they spit their bars over a trap beat produced by Bexnil and Chineseguy2021. Thanks to her versatility, Leïti co-directed the music video with frequent collaborator Jordilops. The film follows the two rappers as they act as each other’s nemesis, before realising that their only rival is themselves.

“5:05” refers to “mirror time” which is said to be a time when you reflect with your thoughts, with everything you are and the universe gives you a message. You align yourself with the matrix, you see numbers and things that represent signs. “In my opinion, all of life’s missions are timed in some way, like a quantum calculation of possibilities,” the artist explains.

He continues: “We tried to reflect that in the video; our different missions in life, that constant struggle to overcome obstacles and the antagonist we always have on this earthly plane. In every mission there is always someone fighting against you, like in the movies. However, one needs the other, they cannot function without the other. You couldn’t be the best if there wasn’t someone being the worst or fighting against you to be the best”.


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“It’s all part of the universal balance of life, of light and darkness. In the video you see Thunder and I making each other’s lives miserable during these missions, although in the end the missions are fulfilled and in the end it’s all a game of cards where there are no good guys and no bad guys. It’s an energetic thing and in the end he and I are the same person. We are both interested in the rivalry because it makes us both better. One against the other”. 

The singer also comments that Canserbero is behind the inspiration for “5:05pm”: “This is all about Canserbero, who has a song called “Jeremiah 17-5″. Just by the numbers and also by the message, which is summed up in a beat that says ‘cursed is the man who trusts another man’, you can see the influence around 5:05pm which also talks about mistrust, with oneself and with the world, while trying to find oneself.”

‘5.05pm’ follows Leïti’s recent release ‘BITCOIN’, the vibrant single marked Leïti’s first release of the year and the opening of a new chapter for the rapper as he publicly announced his paternity with celebritie Sita Abellán. Leïti is currently in the middle of her first tour of Spain, including festivals such as MadCool, Cruïlla and Riverland.

BITCOIN’ and ‘5.05pm’ will appear on Leïti’s forthcoming 2-part mixtape, 4P00€AL1P$¡, the first part of which will be released on Thursday 21 July. The mixtape shows a new side of the artist, with a new experimental afrobeats sound. Following the success of 2021’s JÖM, his last mixtape that reconnected with his underground roots. The 12-track project included tracks such as ‘T-Rex’, ‘#spanishfeet’, ‘Lilo Y Stitch’ and ‘Brujería’.

Listen to “5:05 pm” by Leïti con Trueno here. aquí. 

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