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LOEWE brings back its iconic bunny ears to celebrate the Chinese New Year

LOEWE reinterprets the Chinese festive knot with a collection of bags, ready-to-wear and charms to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

LOEWE reinterprets the Chinese festive knot with a collection of bags, ready-to-wear and charms adorned with the house’s iconic rabbit ears to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.


With more than 170 years of leather craftsmanship behind it, LOEWE‘s Bunny bag is a design classic that has been given a special twist to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

In Asian societies, the “knot” signifies human connection as well as good fortune, and artisans create exquisite knots as ornaments and gifts that express good wishes. Reviving this tradition, LOEWE has decided to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit through a new capsule collection that ties rabbit ears on the house‘s iconic Bunny bag, as well as on the Basket, Hammock and Pocket bags.

The Bunny bag is based on the atelier’s practice of creating adorable three-dimensional animals from a clever pattern and a few stitches applied to the finest materials. In the case of The Year of the Rabbit capsule, the material is a particularly supple nappa calfskin, in a new range of soft and playful colours: Peach Bloom, Ghost and Dark Yellow, used to ensure that the rabbits’ ears are as soft to the touch as their cute shearling pom-pom tails.

These oversized ears, much simpler and more modern than the elaborate traditional knots, are tied onto nappa calf leather Pocket bags, Hammock bags and, of course, the Bunny bag (also available in shearling wool) that hangs from a festive lurex strap with the LOEWE logo in shimmering jacquard. The Basket bag transposes these techniques to hand-woven natural raffia and combines it with a tonal calf strap and a soft shearling wool tail.

Complementing the craftsmanship of the accessories, LOEWE rolls out a range of T-shirts and jumpers in the capsule colours adorned with the outline of the pattern used by the atelier to create the knotted bunny ears. And to further mark the good luck that Spring Festival brings, a few carefully chosen charms: bunnies in nappa calfskin with a fluffy shearling tail; Bunny Dice, a felt bunny charm (and also a range of candles in wax mix and bunny origami cut out in lucky red).

The Year of the Rabbit capsule is presented by actress Tang Wei, who celebrates how this special time of year brings people together through a video in which she opens the box of a giant fluffy rabbit she receives in the mail and takes it on a journey through the Chinese countryside to be reunited with a bunny. The charming video is accompanied by a series of portraits and still lifes that celebrate the nuances of the Year of the Rabbit from a bright-eyed, fluffy-tailed perspective; while highlighting the allergy of making things by hand and how craftsmanship can give everyday objects a soul.

The Year of the Rabbit capsule will be available from today on LOEWE‘s website and in its physical boutiques.

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