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Lori Harvey is the first cover of The Zine, Instagram’s new magazine

Instagram chooses Lori Harvey as the first cover of its magazine, The Zine. The new issue unveils the featured trends for Spring 2022.

Instagram has just launched its own magazine, The Zine, and Lori Harvey becomes its star. In its first digital issue, the world’s most used app incorporates the entrepreneur as the magazine’s first official cover star.

The Zine uncovers emerging and niche forms of self-expression, visual aesthetics and more inspired by young people who are generating conversations about authenticity and identity each season.

Captured by Coughs, from Los Angeles, lthe entrepreneur posed with a series of outfits that take us back to the era of the 90s. With the help of fashion stylist Chris Horan, Lori Harvey has become a ’90s cyber raver. From oversized furry hats and fishnet stockings to head-to-toe glitter, the looks were completed with the help of makeup artist Leo Chaparro, nail artist Sojinails & hair stylist Joey George.

For a closer look at these and other fashion and beauty trends Instagram wants you to know about, you can access the full issue here or via @instagram. You can also find a sneak peek of The Zine in Lori Harvey’s instagram (@loriharvey).

BTW, do you know what new features instagram has included in its direct messages?

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