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María Forqué | The provocation of art – #freemariaforque1

María Forqué has unified an anti-censorship movement under the name of ‘#FreeMaríaForqué1’, on the occasion of the blockade that Instagram made of hers account.

Laura Pérez ( @laurappz ) | Instagram is the current platform of expression – with 700 million users – that advocates artistic and cultural diversity. Wait, where is the expression, freedom and plurality in censorship? It doesn’t represent us.

María Forqué@mariaforque1real  has unified an anti-censorship movement under the name of’ #FreeMaríaForqué1‘, on the occasion of Instagram’s blockade of the artist’s account. The reasons for the social network were: ‘attacking the rules of provocation or bad taste’, as well as those of ‘carrying out full or partial nudity‘.

Instagram - María Forqué
Instagram – María Forqué

Internet is burning, we don’t want censure anymore. It is on fire thanks to thousands of media outlets and users who have published snapshots and messages -especially in the RRSS- of outrage at what has happened, based on the hashtag of the campaign.

Among those images – in a critical format – many carry connotations of pro-anorexia, animal abuse, profascism and homophobia; these have not been reported. It seems that the’ ethical’ bases of a misogynistic platform allow homophobia, violence and fascism, but the body of women -as art- is not legal.

Many other media and random users have opposed the movement and called her the devil’s daughter, for carrying out’ macabre nudity’ and attacking the established. Also, for publishing violent and pornographic images. Cheers! to the retro-minds of deep Spain that want limit us.

M. Forqué is the provocation of art. Avant-garde and transgressor, she turns her body into the epicenter of the artistic compositions she carries out, through living installations. Instagram was the dissemination channel of his artistic experience; but he no longer intends to return, now he only wants to denounce the bases of a network that attempts against the ideals and the codes that make up its DNA.

It claims the woman’s body and the nude as a natural condition. Her works become expressions of pain, through which she wants to convey the suffering of being treated as a sexual object.

Among her most outstanding works in the world of visual and cinematographic arts, is the short film he starred in,’ Into the Mud‘ – by Pablo Pastor– and participation in the film The Leftlovers. About the performances, Actat or Blood Bath may be the most controversial. In the latter, She was covered with viscera and artificial blood as elements of provocation and denunciation.

ACTAT- María Forqué
Blood Bath - María Forqué
Blood Bath – María Forqué

Earlier this year, she joined Demna Gvsalia‘s squad and made her debut at Vetements‘ AW17’. She has also been a model of firms like Loewe and has worked for photographer Viktor Vauthier. Now she is carrying out a project together with Filip Custic (@_1por1_), in which the body becomes again the main material-artistic object.

María Forqué x Vetements

We already know that the censorship of the female body is not the great novelty of Instragam. The profile of the British photographer Adey (@__adey__) was also removed for publishing artistic nudes. Not only that, Stephanie Sarley’s account (@stephanie_sarley) was blocked on numerous occasions by posting images putting her finger in various fruits, and Petra Collins was shut down for showing pubic hair above the bikini. Thus, many accounts have had to watch Instagram report their snapshots and even profiles, for being endowed with a false sexual content.

The campaign made by thousands of women known as #freethenipple seems not to have worked. Now it is #freemariaforque1, and this no longer only speaks about her, but about all the people who have had to submit to the retention and prohibition of the freedom of the body as a natural condition and as a visual art. This is the hypocrisy of Instagram.

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