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Daniel Lee is Burberry’s New Chief Creative Officer

Riccardo Tisci has announced that he is stepping down as Burberry’s creative director, handing over to Daniel Lee.

The controversial relationship between trash and fashion

Let’s talk about fashion’s obsession with trash throughout history, and how design has reinterpreted it from the art of provocation.

Can Kim Kardashian illuminate D&G’s dark past?

Dolce & Gabbana tapped Kim Kardashian to co-design its SS23 collection presented at MFW. What does this coalition mean for the brand?

Bottega Veneta SS23: The world in a room

Bottega Veneta starred alongside its cast of characters in one of the most outstanding shows of the SS23 season.

The emerging democratization of fashion

Glenn Martens has just demonstrated in his last fashion show for Diesel how to democratize luxury fashion.

Can the future of fashion be predicted?

Fashion forecasting and the digitalization of fashion is transforming the creative system in real time. Let’s dive into it.

The collision between fast fashion and independent design

Let’s talk about the new generation of collaborations between fast fashion brands and independent designers.

The fantastic universes of Harley Weir

Photographer Harley Weir has revolutionized fashion photography by creating parallel realities. We talk about her divine ascension.

The meteoric rise of the It bag

The it bag has been transformed over time to become a cult object. Let’s talk about the evolution of the desire accessory.

Marni’s rebirth under the sunlight

Francesco Risso opened at NY Fashion Week a new era for Marni through a vibrant spring-summer 2023 collection.

TRIKKO, streetwear inspired by music and youth

Trikko is the genderless streetwear brand that is changing the rules of the game in the national scene. We delve into its universe.

The dazzling return of the Mcbling aesthetic

Nostalgia and the 2000s effect reconnect new generations to an updated version of the Mcbling aesthetic and spirit.

Are counterfeits what keeps fast fashion alive?

Si hay algo que verdaderamente haya prendido la llama del fast fashion y de las clonaciones, esa es la tendencia “dupe” de TikTok.

Jacquemus’s immersion in retail

Jacquemus is opening the doors of a permanent store on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. What will this change of strategy mean for the brand?

CHRISTIANCORE, fashion as a religion

The “christiancore” trend and the boom of Christianity in fashion are building a new irreverent world revered by the new generations.

Warburton designs Lunay’s European tour collection

Warburton once again delves into the music scene to collaborate with Lunay to create a custom collection for their European tour.

Can the beauty world function in the metaverse?

Without logos or distinctive design codes, it is being questioned whether beauty will really get to work in the Metaverse.

This is how we lived the SON Estrella Galicia experience at Paper Dress Vintage

Desembarcamos en Londres junto a SON Estrella Galicia para vivir su primera experiencia musical cervercera en Paper Dress Vintage.

Diesel captures the clubber euphoria in its new campaign “Track Denim”

Diesel Track Denim nos lleva a una rave inglesa en la que los usuarios visten las piezas de culto de su colección AW22.

Is fashion really doing enough for the planet?

According to a new report by Textil Exchange, fashion needs more radical sustainable actions to survive the climate crisis.

Warburton x Ganga Tattoo explore the art of graffiti through “DREAMS” SS22

The Warburton label connects its identity with that of cult tattoo artist Ganga to develop a dreamlike collection entitled “DREAMS”.