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Vans invites all the demons, ghosts and goblins to celebrate the parties with the most beloved characters of Halloween Town.

Vans invites all demons, ghosts and goblins to celebrate the holidays with the most beloved characters of Halloween Town, and announces the launch of a special collection inspired by Disney Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas“.

With an offer of 10 pieces of footwear complemented by a range of clothing and accessories, Vans designers highlight a variety of cinematographic moments and interpretations of characters that honor the long collaboration of Vans and Disney.

For the launch of this collection, Vans collaborates with the Barcelona collective Loom, creators of the interdisciplinary festival Loom Festival and with the Madrid plastic artist Jesús Diaz.

In Madrid, Painkiller, the shop at Espiritu Santo 18 and in Barcelona Streeters, located at Carrer Verdi 37, became interactive escape rooms, in which a game was generated for the visitor, wrapped in a world of fantasy and elements referring to the visual universe of Nightmare Before Christmas.

In this video, filmed and edited by Esther Boyarizo and with the music of Claus Vega, you can see the collection and the action in the stores:

The complete collection will be available only in these two stores nationally and online.

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