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Palace and Vans introduce the Palace Vans Low

Palace and Vans come together to launch a new silhouette that merges the Half Cab and MC 96 models.

Palace and Vans introduce the Palace Vans Low

The two brands have reconnected to bring a new silhouette: the Palace Vans Low in black and white. This collaboration is born from the combination of the Half Cab and Skate MC models, taking the collar details from the first mentioned model and the perforated details from the second.

The Palace Vans Low incorporates Vans Skateboarding’s best technology, such as impact-absorbing Popcush insoles, long-lasting Duracap underlays and grippy Sickstick outsoles.

The new silhouette arrives accompanied by two T-shirts, also in black and white, which read “Palace Low” in the center with the “Palace Vans 2023” logo underneath. An “Internal Only” film has also been released starring Palace and Vans pro skateboarders Rory Milanes and Danny Brady. “If you’re watching this video, it’s because you work for Vans,” Milanes begins, as he and Brady walk around the office about to unveil the sneaker. “It’s even got a bloody sock in it,” Brady continues. “You’re going to save a fortune on socks this year,” Milanes adds.

The Palace x Vans Palace Vans Low and T-shirts will go on sale in stores and online on June 23.

And speaking of footwear, adidas launches its Exomniac sneaker inspired by rave culture.

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