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Pharrell talks about how Jacob Arabo introduced him to NIGO

Pharrell, NIGO and Jacob Arabo, aka Jacob the Jeweler, share their anecdotes in a recent interview for JOOPITER.

Pharrell talks about how Jacob Arabo introduced him to NIGO

Referring to Jacob, Pharrell expressed, “The idea that you were so generous to share your friend with me and how it has altered my life and taken me to the top, and we’re still climbing. Brother, thank you so much.

“I was going to see Jacob all the time. He told me about a guy in Japan who had a crazy brand. One day [Jacob] said to me, ‘Oh, you’re going to love it. You’re going to love this guy. You’ve got to meet him.’ And he told me that a couple of times,” Pharrell said. “One time he told me, ‘No, look. This guy knows your work and everything we do together, he’s got a picture or a poster of it, and he’s got this whole portfolio,'” he added. Jacob interjected, “[NIGO] would show me pictures of things he wanted. A lot of them were about Pharrell’s jewelry.”

The musician and designer recalls, “Jacob would flip through photos and editorials where I was wearing jewelry we had made together. If mine were yellow gold, [NIGO] would say, ‘Do that for me in yellow, but then do it for me in pink and then do it for me in white gold or platinum.'”

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