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Psychworld x Jim Longden | Two projects about to explode

If we put the mysterious Psychworld collective on one side and the young British talent on the other, Jim Longden… The result, it was clear, cannot disappoint. 

If we put on one side the mysterious collective Psychworld, known for the sweatshirt that all rappers – including Drake – wanted to wear, and the other the young British talent, Jim Longden, designer of the t-shirt “CAPO”… The result, it was clear, could not disappoint.

Jim Longden | Phychworld
Jim Longden VS Phychworld

Fruit of the alliance is the tracksuit that we will talk about below. A piece that is a mix of underground streetwear of London with brushstrokes of the streetwear more characteristic of the city. A mix that makes this set an authentic #musthave for all those who see in these combinations of top and botton their favorite bet for everyday life.

Psychworld X Jim Longden

As you can see in the photos Psychworld appears on the front and CAPO behind. The bet is clear, its two “hits” reverted under a tracksuit = guaranteed success. They also had Slow Thai as the main character of the lookbook.

They are two really interesting projects and we recommend you to put the radar. Remember that both Psychworld and Jim Longden raised the hype alarms to unsuspected levels with only one element.

La colaboración saldrá a la venta el próximo sábado 5 de Enero a través de la tienda online de Jim Longden.

The collaboration will go on sale next Saturday January 5 through the online store of Jim Longden.

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