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Saks Potts presents its most intimate and personal show to date

Saks Potts kicks off Copenhagen Fashion Week with its Fall/Winter 2024 collection.

Saks Potts presents its most intimate and personal show to date

Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks, the dynamic duo behind Saks Potts, have built a brand that is synonymous with glamour and fun. So, to present their Fall/Winter 2024 collection, the designers opted for a radical change: reducing the guest list to 150 and staging the show without seats in their shop (which once housed the royal pharmacy). And the backdrop? Nothing less than the mythical Danish spots that you must visit if you are in the city, such as Tivoli, Arne Jacobsen’s house and Kongens Nytorv. A way of vindicating their origins and integrating Scandinavian culture into their storytelling.

Could the messy girl trend be the new clean girl? Well, Saks Potts confirms this theory. Although Kate Moss, in her mid-2010s boho phase, could have served as the collection’s muse, the designers revealed before the show that they had not been inspired by a specific theme. Instead, the collection appears as the culmination of a decade, presenting itself as a glamorous greatest hits compilation. The famous fox coat prowled the runway once again, along with the return of the autumn 2020 lace-up leather trousers, showcasing Saks Potts’ flair for timeless style.

Model Stella Maxwell opened the show and set the stage for a showcase that demonstrated the brand’s unparalleled skill in designing outwear that exudes a casual, glamorous attitude. Highlights included a party dress, a red leather coat and a cow print coat. The designers’ commitment to reviving beloved classics such as their iconic leather trousers with lace-up fronts reflects their confidence in their signature style, proving that there’s no need for seasonal renewal when the designs integrate seamlessly with your personal aesthetic.

The Saks Potts woman is bold, fun, sexy and ready for all weather conditions.

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