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Sankuanz continues to focus on feminine strength in its new collection “THE GIANTESS”

Following last season’s black widow, Sankuanz continues her homage to female strength, reflecting the complexity that makes her unique.

Sankuanz continues to focus on feminine strength in its new collection “THE GIANTESS”

A classically styled building in Paris is witness to Sankuanz new collection. On the ceiling, a projection of Titanomachy by Amanda Ba transforms the room into a crimson space. This passion red universe is dominated by the imposing presence of Sankuanz giants. They walk the space to the rhythm of Alice Longyu Gao’s music.

After last season’s black widow, chapter four “The Giantess” continues the brand’s homage to feminine strength. Her complexity and contradiction of character make her unique.

The complexity of Sankuanz’s giantess appears through a language that blurs the lines between genders. The brand once again blurs the boundaries between street style and haute couture with great pluralism and expressive depth. Amanda Ba’s illustrations of a giantess and a pitbull are presented in print on mesh and laser-printed denim. The abrasion and stain effects convey a sense of the passage of time. Maybe the feeling of being in front of a vintage garment.

Amidst the darkness and punk feel of the pieces, Sankuanz drastically counteracts by perfectly complementing the character of “the Giantess” with characteristic pop art elements. Adorable cartoon graphics adorn men’s garments in the form of prints and accessories. Plush keychains in vibrant colors clash with Amanda’s tough illustrations and the violence of the dagger characteristic of the brand’s combative character.

The dagger adorns lapels and shirt collars, lace-up ends and heels. Special masks cover the entire face with metal mesh covered with miniature daggers or spikes dripping with red jewels. The traditional Chinese “meteor hammer” weapon, which debuted at FW21, becomes small rigid spherical bags with spikes hanging from leather straps. These “cherry bombs” also appear as graphics on garments and Dagger cowboy boots. All of these details make juxtaposed expressions of defensiveness and belligerence coexist in the same proposal.

The Giantess, which has served as inspiration throughout history as a symbol of destruction and creation, a representation of chaos and order, and a metaphor for death and rebirth, is this season’s inspiration for SANKUANZ SS2

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