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SonarPark by DICE 2023: Welcome to the future of dance music

SonarPark by DICE returns to recharge the most powerful dance sounds of the international scene after its success in the last edition.

On the occasion of Sónar’s 30th anniversary, the SonarPark by DICE stage will feature artists of enormous talent and potential such as Sticky M.A., 700bliss, Merca Bae, Nusar3000, Dalila and Tohji, as well as newcomers to the rave sound such as Lorenzo Senni. All of them join the already confirmed shows of Bad Gyal, Aphex Twin or Fever Ray, among many others.

The SonarPark by DICE stage returns to recharge the most powerful dance sounds on the international scene after consolidating its success at the last edition of Sónar. It promises to once again become one of the most outstanding spaces at the prestigious festival.

Both Sónar and DICE coincide in their global, avant-garde and integrating vision, committed to a plural future where basic principles such as love and respect mark cultural encounters.

Who said “urban”?

At SonarPark by DICE everything is possible. So much so that in its programme different styles are absorbed and mixed together to give rise to new and exciting formulas. From the sensitivity of Japan’s Tohji to the activist noise-rap of the American duo 700bliss. Also the effervescence of the beats maker Merca Bae, presenting the exclusive live 2048; the futurism of Madrid’s Sticky M.A.; the power of Albany or the punkish irruption of Leïti.

Mutation, inclusion and transgression

The diversity of this stage is a differential fact. At SonarPark by DICE, many names coexist that are both present and future, unafraid to move through different sound territories. In this sense, we find solid discourses such as those of Dalila, one of the most thriving DJs on the national scene; unexpected journeys ranging from Brazilian funk to the hardest techno from the hand of BADSISTA and Cashu in B2B format; the euphoria provoked by house and breaks come together in the fun sets of Bored Lord or when Flaca‘s neo-opera sounds.

But there is also space to enjoy and observe the rich, eclectic and transgressive Barcelona scene with the presence of DJs such as Lanav, La Niña Jacarandá or the trio B2BBS. The presence of the Italian Lorenzo Senni, the artist who has intellectualised the rave sound with his vertiginous live performance, or the British Soda Plains and his way of going beyond the codes of club music. Not to mention the frenetic style of the enigmatic Nusar 3000 or the African essence of OMAGOQA‘s rhythms.


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