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SonarPark by DICE 2024 brings out its most radical and innovative side

This space will once again be the epicentre of the electronic avant-garde on 13, 14 and 15 June at the Montjuïc exhibition centre.

SonarPark by DICE 2024 brings out its most radical and innovative side

For the third consecutive year, the collaboration between DICE and Sónar Festival has borne fruit with the presentation of 18 artists who will make their mark on the SonarPark By DICE stage as part of Sónar by Day.

SonarPark By DICE is once again the home of innovation and transgression of the trends that shape the most current concerns of club culture. The ideal place to welcome all kinds of voices and sensibilities with the freshest and most inclusive discourses where the local has repercussions and transcends globally. A point of confluence of 12 different countries across five continents in a musical journey free of inflexible dogmatisms.

From the techno and house mixed with drill and rap elements of the South African-rooted Australian Skin On Skin to the contemporary pop with a Cadiz accent of Judeline; passing through the Brazilian funk of the vindictive Slim Soledad, the synthetic avant-garde with hints of satirical spoken word of Marie Davidson, the powerful hip-hop with Indian influences of Abhir Hathi from the Canary Islands or how hedonism and queer activism coexist on the dance floor with proposals such as those of Colectivo Toro.

The most uncomplicated electronica will be present on this stage with DJ Gigola, the rabid forcefulness of the Italian Gabber Eleganza, the surprising and varied sound selection of the Japanese ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U and the hard-dance revisionism of the British Taaliah. There is also a more raver bet with Caribbean connotations by Shyboi, references to the African diaspora by Blck Mamba and the unpredictable Latin mutations of Mexican DJ Fucci.

SonarPark by DICE will also showcase the creative explosion of our music scene. The imaginative sonic collisions of the Belgian-Russian-Spanish Dyce, the nostalgic pop of Amore, the experimental investigations of the Galician Akazie, the more dynamic rhythms of Jehia and the deconstruction of club music with the local DJ and performer Meritxell de Soto make up a stellar representation that highlights the value of emerging talent with a denomination of origin.

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