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We talk w/ Jean-Charles Leuvrey, founder of Hotel Radio Paris

After a year revolutionizing the concept of online radio, Hotel Radio Paris landed in Barcelona. We interviewed Jean-Charles Leuvrey, its founder.

Lately Hotel Radio Paris is more present than ever. A HIGHCHART. and now… a Monday bomb … The most underground online radio of the European scene arrives to the city of Barcelona from next September 29. It will be led by the multi-faceted and dj Loli Zazou (@loli_choice) and the founder Jean-Charles Leuvrey (@leuvrouche), with whom we have talked.



Nike Box Barceloneta – 19:00H (RSVP)



A project that was born with the idea of “an open and independent online radio” and that it has been consolidated in just a year and a half.

We talked a lot about the project, but now that it land in our country we want to know it better. We talk with the creative mind behind Hotel Radio Paris; Jean-Charles Leuvrey.

Highxtar (H) – When and why do you decide to create a project like Hotel Radio Paris?

Jean-Charles – It’s a long love story with the media. Basically I always listen to radio, I remember being young and recording tracks from the radio to a cassette and them doing compilation (just for myself ) and at 16 I had a radio show with superstar dj Brodinski and another friend, we were young and it was really funny. 

Then I moved in London an there I worked for two radio station 😉 But the idea of me starting a radio came in 2014, I was leaving in Barcelona and getting bored because I wasn’t doing much. I started going back to Paris a lot and I realized that radio wise nothing much was happening in Paris, so I started thinking about it.

I got helped because in Paris most of my friends work in the music industry, I explained them the idea and they loved it. In september 2015 i left Barcy (Barcelona) for Paris and I found a studio, finally  in January 2016 Hotel Radio was launched.

Jean-Charles Leuvrey | Hotel Radio París Founder
Jean-Charles Leuvrey > Hotel Radio París Founder

H – What is the initial concept behind the project?

Jean-Charles The concept is to create a platform where music is exchanged but also where people can connect. Its all about sharing our love for music.

H – What makes Hotel Radio different from all other radios we can find online?

Jean-Charles I don’t know because I don’t really check the other radio, but what I can say is that Hotel Radio is a only live radio, we don’t do playlist or pre-recorded mix, everything you are going to listen on Hotel Radio has been made from our studio or a spot somewhere else. I guess no one does that to be honest 🙂

H – After a little over a year running … How do you value the reception of the project by the public?

Jean-Charles They love it, I mean, its big now in Paris and worldwide. The problem is maybe that people refers too much to stuff they know, get out of your confort zone, tune in anytime, music is always good… hahaha.

“Hotel Radio is a only live radio.”



H – In your opinion… What have been the successes of this first year?

Jean-Charles – I dont know, I guess it’s the vibe, the quality of the guest I invited and I think that Paris needed something like that, it’s a breath of fresh air for everyone.

H – Do you plan to expand the project in some way like making parties, etc.?

Jean-Charles – We’re already doing plenty of parties in Paris, London; we even did one in Bangkok and in Ho Chi Minh in Vietman.

A lot of hip-hop, but we also did some really cool techno/club ones 🙂Now, I wanna organise concert, live fucking show, its the best .

H – It has come to our ears that Hotel Radio Paris is thinking of expanding into Europe and Barcelona may be the first stop… If its true… Why do you decide start for this city?

Jean-Charles – Ahah, yes it’s true. Like I said before i used to live in Barcy (Barcellona) so I know a few heads there 🙂 basically Barcelona was free of webradio and also there is Loli (Loli Zazou)  who is going to run it, from the Mutuo Center of Art; without her this would have never happen 🙂

H –  In your first year Hotel Radio has set the bar very high … Brodinski, Panteros, Guillaume Berg, Sam Tiba, Busy P… What can we expect in the upcoming months?

Jean-Charles – Hahaha, it’s funny because all the person you said above are my friends in the real life and they are all sort of one entity in Paris 🙂  I had a lot of famous rappers too but also tons of club dj’s from everywhere in the world, China, US, Uk, Germany, Holland… Next year is going to be even bigger. Oh yeah I had Lido that was a really nice achievement..

H – To finish… Which artist, hard to get, would you like to see playing in Hotel Radio Paris this year?

Jean-Charles  There is so many, between the older ones and the new generations. People like Mall Grab or Cassius, King Krule, Jamie XX, or old school french singer like Aznavour, Chicago and Detroit techno legends… Can you imagine Jeff Mills or Dj Pierre at Hotel Radio?, Atlanta rappers, Cardi B… Fuck there is so many. 

I want Yung Beef, Badgyal and all the good spanish ones for Barcy.

Obviously, I wish that  all of the people that had came already, come back again also <3


instagram: @hotelradioparis

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