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We discover you 6 emerging artists that are making it big. And don’t worry if you don’t show up because we will continue to publish many more.


‘Which emerging artist should we listen to?’ That was the question we asked you on our  Instagram hoping to meet new promises that would make us vibrate. After receiving many proposals, we discover you 6 artists like every month. Don’t worry if your name doesn’t come up because we will continue with the monthly recommendations.

Lately our Instagram DM is always full of Spotify links that users send us so that we can listen and give coverage to the young promises that are making it big in the national scene. With the aim that all these interesting projects don’t get stuck in the DM, we choose 6 artists every month and talk about them and their music.

La Blackie

La Blackie, rapper of African origin based in Madrid, is characterized by her explicit and hard-hitting lyrics, with attitude, which she combines with catchy rhythms. In an increasingly monotonous industry, the rapper offers new sounds that stick in the mind.

Cruz Cafuné recently relied on her for one of the tracks on his latest album Me Muevo Con Dios and the rapper has not disappointed at all with her bars.

Abhir Hathi

Canary Islander of Indian descent, Abhir Hathi is one of the freshest faces of the contemporary Rap and R&B scene. His musical versatility gives him a great consolidation in the Spanish scene. He has the support of great friends and powerful Spanish artists such as Cruz Cafuné, Delaossa and Recycled J, who have already made music with him.

Petit El Recorrido

Petit El Recorrido is one of the promises of drill in Spain and his sound is very reminiscent of greats in this musical style as Rondodasosa or Baby Gang. From being closer to rap in his first tracks, in less than a year the artist has evolved notoriously and if he continues to push himself, he could be a key figure in Spanish Drill.


Based in Barcelona, Adnan has made a strong entrance on the Spanish scene with a sound that could very well be number 1 in France. With a record similar to Morad’s, the young singer already has a studio album “Polifacético” and singles like “Un día como hoy” which already has 4 million plays on Spotify.

Yassir Baitra

Yassir debuted in 2019 with his single “Rampam” and a year later began collaborating with artists such as Kaydy Cain or Israel B. His multifaceted talent and writing skills make him a leading figure of the Honey Money record label, being one of the most prominent figures of the new generation.

Recently, Yassir revolutionized the national scene with the release of his new mixtape “ME IN JERSEY”, consolidating his ever-growing listener base. Among the hits of this new project are “5AM”, which has brought freshness, and “SU NOTA” with Soto Asa, which has reached 4 million plays.


Faxu is an independent artist from Barcelona who belongs to the Spanish hyperpop scene, which is growing by leaps and bounds. He started with freestyle but as he has evolved he has been finding his more electronic sounds, which today are the ones that identify his music.

JUNE 2023: Emerging artists you must listen to this month.

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