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The Attico Spring 2023: breaking down gender stereotypes

The Attico arrives with its Spring 2023 collection, bringing its classic sensuality and breaking away from gender stereotypes.

The new The Attico Spring 2023 collection has everything we can expect from Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini’s designs: mesh fabric, sequins and zebra print… in short, lots of glitz and glamour. Along with this obvious sensuality and glamour, the brand has this time included male models in its proposal.

The looks of “The Attico Spring 2023” played with duality and fluidity and contrast in both form and content. Boys dressed in tight-fitting sequined garments and girls dressed in huge pinstripe suits. Also, tight forms have been interspersed with volumes, and the purely feminine silhouette with the more voluminous or wide, generally associated with the male body.

Blurring the lines between haute couture and ready-to-wear, this new collection is undoubtedly a reflection of today’s social dynamics. Not only because of the fluidity in the designs but also because of the mixed representation of models throughout the proposal. Even the brand’s best-selling cargo pants are given a sophisticated, unisex treatment.

In short, The Attico(@the_attico) continues to demonstrate versatility in its Resort 2023. Because there should be no limits to dress up or dress down for every occasion; nor should there be limits or gender barriers in fashion.

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