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The divine resurrection of crosses in fashion

From Dolce&Gabbana to Blumarine: let’s talk about the resurrection of crosses and Christian symbolism on the catwalk.

The cult of modern society towards some kind of divine or spiritual belief, which underlies astrology as the new contemporary religion, becomes a way of salvation or refuge; an act of redemption in the midst of a reality that borders on dystopia.

Within all this system of creeds, the Christian religion and all the iconography that surrounds it, has probably been the most exalted on the altar of fashion. Now, this is resurrected on the catwalk in the form of crosses or sacred symbols that recover consecrated brands such as Blumarine, Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana.

The gates of heaven open, and the cross, emblem of Christ and his sacrifice, is now revived by a series of designers who crucify all that representation in their new collections through the gothic current that guides the last seasons. This transcendental symbol, which takes on different forms and iterations depending on the religion, signifies for Christianity the redemption of Christ’s passion, love or blessing, as primordial concepts before entering the collective sacrilege of the cultural sphere.


The mystery surrounding faith and religion, as well as their devotion, have been concepts explored throughout the history of fashion. Whether from the Catholic vision of John Galliano or Christian Lacroix, or from the stimulation that this whole universe raises, as a source of inspiration for creatives like Alexander McQueen, as we saw in his 1996 show held in a London church in which the models walked through the temple of Christ with black lace veils and masks with crucifix appliqués.

The current renaissance of crosses and devotional symbolism is sanctified or drinks from the same water as that of memorable designers within this aesthetic current, such as Domenico and Stefano Gabbana, who channeled all that tradition through veneration, through collections with prints that imitated majolica Madonnas. Now, this identity is materialized or eternalized in silver pendants with minimalist and elegant crosses.

A whole series of references reinterpreted in an avant-garde key by brands that have become the fervor of an era, such as Blumarine in its SS23 fashion show, which inscribed countless gothic crosses on denim pieces, as did Mowalola on leather garments, while Gucci or Veneda Carter sculpted them in the form of jewelry.

Beyond exploring Christian iconography as an ephemeral inspiration, there are other brands such as Enfants Riches Deprimes or Chrome Hearts that directly base their entire aesthetics or graphic identity on the cross, raising all that sacred representation to heaven.

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