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This could be the cause of the break-up between Rauw and Rosalia

Sources said that the two agreed to end their engagement despite their love and respect for each other.

This could be the cause of the break-up between Rauw and Rosalia

The most iconic artist couple of the moment have called time on their relationship, according to People magazine.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have broken up after two years of relationship and right in the middle of wedding preparations. It has been weeks in which social networks have been flooded with speculation about a possible break-up, after the singer posted an image of her crying on Instagram. And it was only this Tuesday that People magazine confirmed the news. They have yet to comment on the matter.

Sources close to the former couple have said that “despite the love and respect the singers have for each other, they both agreed to end their engagement”. Beyond the love that united them, music has been another link between them. This year, the couple released their first collaboration, RR. An EP that includes three tracks that have accumulated more than 400 million plays on Spotify.

It was a Twitter user who spread the word that Rauw cheated on Rosalía with a Colombian model. The user, who had to delete the thread a few minutes later, did not give any names at any time, but it was the rest of the tweeters who were responsible for revealing the identity of the suspect. In case you missed this thread, we attach screenshots where this infidelity is better explained.

Rosalía has revealed her trick to keeping her skin clear of acne via Twitter.

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